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Garland Amateur Radio Club Rewards

The club partners with several organizations that donate a percentage of their sales to GARC. See the short descriptions below and click on the links for more details.

Amazon Smile


Amazon has a program called Amazon Smile that allows a customer to specify a 501(c)(3) organization to which Amazon will donate .5% of the price of his or her purchases. This is basically a front-end to your regular Amazon account. There are no extra charges and you can use Amazon Prime if you have a Prime account. With enough participants, this small percentage can really add up for the club.

For more information, or to start shopping at Amazon for GARC, visit this page.

Grocery Store Programs

GARC is in partnerships with Kroger and Tom Thumb. There are slight differences in their programs and how they pay out, but both reward the club with a contribution to our treasury based on how much the participants spend at their stores. These programs do not cost you, the consumer, anything extra and they help pay some of our expenses.

Both stores require you to have an online account (free) and to sign up with their Reward Card or Plus Card program (see below). You do not always need to have your card with you when you shop, because the phone number you use when signing up works as your alternate ID at checkout. Both stores have discounts on weekly specials when you use their Card.



The Kroger rewards program is called Community Rewards, and it is tacked on to the Kroger Plus Card. Once you have created a Kroger online account, go to the Community Rewards page and enroll. The GARC NPO# is JB012. When you check out, use your Plus Card or phone number. GARC will be credited with your purchases. To find out more about Kroger Community Rewards or to sign up, visit this page.

Tom Thumb


Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program number for the GARC is 11636. Please visit the customer service booth at your Tom Thumb with your Reward Card and tell them you have a Good Neighbor Number you want to add to your Reward Card. Click here to get a printable form to take to customer service (optional). When you check out, use your Reward Card or phone number. GARC will be credited with your purchases.

To find out more about the Tom Thumb Reward Card or to sign up, visit this page.

For Good Neighbor Program FAQs, visit this page.

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